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    How much is your home worth?

    There are many reasons for selling a home. It could be relocation due to a new job, downsizing from an empty nest or upgrading for a growing family. Whatever the reason, there is one area where all homeowners can find common ground and that’s the desire to get as much money from their existing home as possible and with as little hassle.

    Dress Your House to Impress

    Remember that the simplest and most direct approach in selling your home is presentation. Most real estate agents will advise you to de -clutter your home prior to listing and showing your home. While your collection of porcelain clowns or old records might make you feel warm and fuzzy, they are not likely to do the same for prospective buyers. Since you are planning on moving anyway, now is the best time to pack away your collections as well as family photos and other knickknacks. This doesn’t mean leaving bare walls and shelving, rather it means pairing down to only a select few pieces. The key here is to let the buyer imagine themselves in the home, which means taking yourself out of the picture.

    Finally, the most important thing you can to do prepare your home for sale is to keep it clean. Dream Seekers will be taking people through the house at different times of the day and week, so making sure you keep dirty laundry off the floor, ensure trash cans are empties, counters are wiped down and floors are mopped and vacuumed.

    With the right attention and planning, the process of selling your property and moving into your new home doesn’t have to be stressful. Happy selling!

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